Culture & Heritage in Latvia

Culture & Heritage in Latvia

For Latvian SoldiersMany military secrets have been protected in Latvian territory for many years, nowadays it is time when almost all of them are open to public. If you are looking for exciting research on past, visit Latvian military heritage.

Pilgrimage sitesLatvian pilgrimage sites are famous among many people from Latvia and abroad. The country is one of the best places to find for inspiration and God blessing.

Art GalleryLatvian Art Galleries are not only exhibiting art, but they also work for a purpose to develop public interest in art. As since middle ages Latvian artists started conforming with Western art, nowadays their oneness is strongly felt.

CastleLatvia offers a surprisingly wide variety of castle architecture. More than 30 objects scattered all around the Latvian territory remind us about glorious past of the country.

Churches LatviaDue to the rich history of Latvia a great variety of religious confessions and its traces are embodied in extroadinary churches in Latvian scenery.


Famous buildingsFamous buildings. As France has it`s Eiffel Tower, USA – Statue of Liberty, Dubai –Burj Khalifa, Latvia also has some famous buildings to show the World and declare as particularly Latvian symbols.

Jewish heritageLatvian Jewish heritage sites reveal jewish culture, art and history in Latvia very well. Visiting them is the best way to reveal your emphaty.

MuseumsVisiting some museums in Latviai is one of the lines in a must do it list. Especially when some of the museums are perfectly located and the entrance is free of charge.

Soviet heritageLatvia has suffered Soviet occupation for long decades so in all over the country there are Soviet signs scattered reminding nations about the iron curtain which had covered entire countries.

UNESCOLatvia has several properties registered as UNESCO heritage objects. Belonging to state parties of UNESCO  means responsible and socialized attitude of the country.