Liepaja Holy Trinity Evangelic Lutheran Church

Glorious Holy Trinity Evangelic Lutheran Church is a flourish of Latvias` coast city Liepaja that is located about 220 km west of country capital Riga. Liepaja is the third largest city in Latvia where many historical and cultural sites are preserved. One of the most beautiful things in Liepaja is the Holy Trinity Evangelic Lutheran Church that is home of the second largest organs in the world.

History of the Holy Trinity Church started in 1742 when Germans laid down its` first foundations stone. The main construction works proceeded until 1758. Exterior of the rectangular form building was built in Baroque style including some features of Classicism and the spacious interior was decorated in Baroque and aristocratic Rococo styles.

In 1866 the tower was raised adding the fourth and the fifth floors and since then its height reaches 55 meters. In 1906 on the third floor the circular clock was installed. Though there were no vast attacks against the Church, however passing ages, WWI and WWII left deep scars,  healing of which costed lots of money. Therefore, Liepaja Holy Trinity Church opened its restoration fund.

Liepaja Holy Trinity Church is unique about few things that will please everything: your eyesight, ear and heart. Its` well preserved interior masterpieces, art works, 13-meter high sacred altar and stained glasses delight hearts and eyes of the visitors and glorious, one of the biggest organs in the world cheers its` listener’s ears with an outstanding music. The Great Organs including 131 stops, 4 manuals and over 7000 pipes where built in 1779 by Henrich Andreas Concius and still remain the pride of Liepaja city untill nowadays. Until 1912, Liepaja Holy Trinity Church Organs were the biggest ones in the whole World. In 1912 this name was conceded to Wanamaker Grand Court Organs in Philadeldphia, USA. Today Liepaja Holy Trinity Church holds an annual international Organ Music Festival that receives recognition from both Latvians and foreigners.

Holy Trinity Evangelic Lutheran Church is one of the most popular sightseeing points in Liepaja, so don’t miss a chance to have a minute of rest in this “white castle”, to admire its architectural beauty while listening to the sounds of majestic organs. Moreover, don’t forget to get to the top of the tower and to catch a bird’s-eye view of Liepaja and the sea coast.


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