Knowing Latvia

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StatisticsFacts and Figures. The most important information about Latvia - statistics, numbers, dates and interesting facts. A brief description of the country will help you to know it better.

History of LatviaHistory. In order to know the country, first of all it is important to get acquainted with it`s history. Latvia`s most important historical dates are here written in chronological order.

Latvian FoodFood & Drink. Latvians love food, especially the one that contains meat, fish and potato products. Traditional Latvian food is pretty fat. In ancient times, Latvians used to eat mainly food from cereals, berries and mushrooms.

Famous peopleFamous people. Sports, literature, politics, science, dancing, theatre – in these and more fields Latvians have their own heroes, their own prides. find out the most important of the Latvian celebrities.

RegionsRegions. Latvian territory started to divide in administrative and cultural regions already in 13th century. The names of the regions as well as the differences between the languages and traditions originate from the tribes who lived in exact territory.

ArtArt is the basket of man skills, ideas and expressions. In some kind of way, every human can be named an artist. All forms of art can survive just if it’s supported and proclaimed by government and protected by law.

ArchitectureArchitecture. Though Riga city is the mix of all architecture styles, the great masterpieces can be met also in unexpected places within the whole country. Today, modern architecture style together with the old wooden houses and other ancient architecture is creating the great architectural symphony.