Latvia Sightseeing

Latvia sightseeing

RigaRiga. Beautiful Old town, Art Nuevo architecture, historical monuments, cultural heritage, parks,  leisure centres, boat trips in Daugava and in the Baltic sea, adventurous nightlife, and festivals all year round.

JurmalaJūrmala is a lovely Latvian resort on Baltic sea shore. Many activities, entertainments and cultural objects to visit there are available all year round. The town is also rich in events that again turns in increase of tourists in Jūrmala.

KarostaKarosta fortification is located in the north of the ice-free port in Liepaja. It was constructed at the beginning of 20th century as a very important strategic military complex of Russian Empire.

Turaida CastleTuraida (in Lives language it means “Garden of God”) is a castle of early Gothic style. It is surrounded by a splendid landscape of Gauja National Park and is settled between two ravines of Gauja River.

Rundale palaceRundale Palace of baroque and rococo architecture styles and its picturesque French style garden is one of the major tourist destination places in Latvia.

Cesis CastleCesis castle. The best-preserved castle ruin complex in Latvia is the complex of ruins of Cesis Castle and fortification. Romantic historic surroundings inspire tourists to get acquainted with the rich history of the Castle and of the Cesis Town.

Riga Dome CathedralRiga Cathedral is the largest medieval Cathedral in Baltic countries. This spectacular building has a 90-meter high tower and when it is still and shiny day it perfectly reflects in Daugava River together with other remarkable Riga Old town buildings.

Museum of History and Navigation Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation holds a perfect collection of items since 18th century and is the oldest one in the Baltic countries.

Riga Old TownRiga Old town. The centre of Riga is a historical and cultural heritage founded at the beginning of 13th century. Over the centuries, Riga city was repeatedly ruined, burnt, despoiled and then again constructed, rebuilt and renovated.

VIRACVIRAC. Ventspils international Radio Astronomy Centre (VIRAC) antennas are huge astronomy devices located on the shore of the Baltic Sea.