Towns & Countryside in Latvia

Towns & Countryside in Latvia

CesisCesis is a miscellaneous town situated on the banks of beautiful Gauja River. It is a storage of cultural and historical heritage.  You will be persuaded that it`s true while walking between remains of Cesis Castle fortification.

SiguldaSigulda is situated in Vidzeme region in the valley of spectacular Gauja River.  Historical sites like churches and castles, lovely nature with flowing river and pinewoods, miscellany of passive and active relaxation attracts tourists to this lovely town all year round.

JurmalaJūrmala is a lovely Latvian resort on Baltic sea shore. Many activities, entertainments and cultural objects to visit there are available all year round. The town is also rich in events that again turns in increase of tourists in Jūrmala.

JelgavaJelgava is a green lovely town situated on banks of Lielupe River which is famous for majestic large Jelgava Palace of Baroque style, for the first hot air balloon hopped off  in Latvia and for an annual International Ice Sculpture Festival.

BauskaBauska is a lovely town situated in southern Latvia. For its location Bauska was also named “City, where meets” as this town acts a significant role in transportation between north and south, west and east.

OgreOgre is a former resort town, situated on a bank of Daugava River, enfolded with a blanket of pine trees, green hills and fresh air.

VentspilsVentspils is an ice-free port city situated on a sandy shore of Baltic Sea and on banks of Venta River. Historically rich town today is rapidly growing and suggests many different entertainment not only for holidaymakers, but also for business seekers.

JekabpilsJekabpils is the ninth largest city in Latvia, located on the banks of Daugava River. Beautiful history and nice surroundings promises a nice time for everyone spent inside or outside the town.

ValmieraValmiera is the largest city in Vidzeme district. Valmiera is an excellent place for those who are looking for new business or want to make a successful business meeting and for those, who want to have lovely holidays exploring many different places in Latvia.