Weekend packages in Latvia

Weekend in Riga - (Fri-Sun) 130-380€/ 1 person
To spend the weekend in Riga city it’s enough to get acquinted with the main historical monuments. Riga Old town is inscribed into UNESCO World heritage list for its diverse architecture and unique collection of Art-Nouveau buildings. Cobble-stone streets, beautiful churches towering above the roofs of medieval and modern houses, Riga castle, banks of beautiful Daugava River, colourful Central Market, Open-Air Museum or maybe even romantic Jurmala resort near by Riga – this and more is included into informative and relaxing weekend in Riga package.
SPA Weekend  (Sat-Sun) 100-450 €/ 1 person
Relax, refresh, forget the routine and abandon to the world of aromas – sounds like the best option to spend the weekend after the long hard working weeks. In Latvia there are several high qualities SPA centres were the customers will get the best treatment according to their needs. It’s the pleasure to present the variety of the SPA centres in Latvia: SPA centres on the seaside, in the forest or in city capital, traditional and modern treatments, group and individual approach. Make your choice and come to Latvia to refresh and recharge your body and soul.
Stag and hen weekend  (Sat-Sun) 60-100 €/ 1 person
We hope that this wedding eve for your culprit is gone by the first and the last in his/her life. Still, it must be celebrated so, that the culprit and the rest of his/her team would never forget it! It can be crazy night amusing in the streets, in the bars and crowded nightclubs or untraditional eve according to the traditions of our ancestries.  We are ready to meet all your need and to organize the best and the most memorable wedding eve ever.
Luxury Romantic weekend (Fri-Sun) 300 - 450 € / person
To spend the Romantic weekend with your beloved is one thing, but to have the Luxury Romantic Weekend is something different, something special. It’s the same as to spend the worm summer eve in the roof restaurant with the glass of cold champagne in one hand and fresh strawberry in the other, surrounded by favourite music and aromas, enjoying the bird-view of shimmering city. Individual and exclusive attention, the best hotels with various relaxation programs, luxury transport and Riga sightseeing tour – this is just the base for your unforgettable Luxury Romantic weekend in Riga.
Extreme weekend – time and price depends on certain activities
The perfect weekend for people who love adventures and look for extreme activities. Depending on the season of the year, there are plenty of activities on offer, which will raise the pressure of the blood in your veins. Carting, shooting, climbing, jumping, flying, parachute jumping, off-road driving, canoeing, water skiing, winter skiing and snowboarding, bobsleigh, etc. Express your wish and we will prepare the perfect extreme weekend package specially for you and your friends.
Ligo celebration 200 – 230 € / 1 person
Ligo (Midsummer festival) is the most celebrated festival in Latvia. As Midsummer is celebrated on the certain days, this is 23-24th of June, not every time it coincides with weekend days. In any case, these days in Latvia are National holiday days. Come in Latvia on Ligo festival and you will be invited to take part in traditional celebration, sing Latvian songs and dance national dances, jump over the bonfire, make the wreaths out of the oak leaves, drink beer and eat special “Janis” cheese.
Musical weekend - time and price depends on certain event
Latvia is also called as “The land that sings’. Latvians love singing, making the music as well as listening to it. Therefore, in whole Latvia there are held many various musical events. Most of them are organized during the summertime; however, some, as Chamber Music, Piano Stars, will be performed during the rest of the year seasons. All you need to do is choose the concert that fulfils your taste and plan your trip together with way2latvia.com.
Golf weekend (Fri-Sun) 180 - 300 € / person
The Golf clubs in Latvia are inviting country guests to spend their weekend enjoying the time in the golf fields acquiring or improving playing experience. Professionally prepared courses and modern equipment of the Golf Clubs, comfortable transportation and pleasant stay at the hotel will allow you to get the best from your golf weekend.
Tasty weekend 350-450 € / person
If you would ask any of Latvian what is the traditional drink, staple food and sweet, for sure you will hear just three answers – Beer, Bread and Chocolate. We are suggesting you the opportunity to visit the brewery, bakery and the oldest and the biggest chocolate fabric. Here you will be acquainted with the production process, offered to try different sorts. Afterwards you will be able to purchase some of these traditional products.
Dark weekend 500 – 1500  € /20  person
The beautiful city Riga can be explored during the daytime, or during the nighttime, but it will never look so mysterious and so charming as in the night surrounded by legends, medieval dances, violoncellist music tasting traditional Riga Black Balsam. Meet Riga as it was centuries ago: militant, influential and on the same time romantic and mysterious.,

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